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December News

We will be receiving shipment of a brand new product, Olive Leaf Tea, the first week of December. Look for it in the store between the 5th and 7th of December. It will arrive just in time for you to give as another unique and healthy gift we try to feature here at Marisolio. The antioxidant properties found in olives are amazing, but in the leaves from the tree itself, they are more outstanding. After being collected, the leaves are cleaned, sanitized, and then are put through a Japanese steaming method to complete the process of making tea leaves. There are 16 bags in each canister.

  • Our teas are produced from fresh leaves harvested in the Spring and Autumn from Boundary Bend’s olive groves in north west Victoria, Australia.
  • They are picked and processed fresh using a traditional Japanese green tea method utilizing steaming, cooling and rolling to maximize the flavor and antioxidant content.
  • Our olive leaf tea is 100% produced from fresh leaves, and all of our olive leaves are fully traceable from grove to cup
  • The packaging is beautiful and makes an amazing gift, perfect for this holiday season and beyond!
Olive Leaf Tea History 101 
  • First used medicinally in Ancient Egypt, the olive leaf contains a diverse range of powerful antioxidants, the most prominent of which are Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol.
  • Since ancient times, the olive leaf has been used in many forms including tea, both as a refreshing beverage and to prevent and treat conditions such as the common cold
  • Olive Leaf Tea is naturally caffeine free and rich in potent, natural olive antioxidants

Christmas Shopping at Marisolio

Don’t forget the wonderful selection of other gift choices available at Marisolio such as pastas (many of them gluten-free), cosmetics, seasonings, dip mixes, bottled olives, rubs, mustards, hand-embroidered dish towels (great for the college students in their own apartments—they never have dish towels), tapenades, pour stops, etc. Let us help you with your gift shopping.

Website Improvements

Marisolio has made some great improvements to its website. It is now more mobile friendly, meaning it’s more readable on your tablets and phones. The shipping chargeglitches have been fixed and the recipe page can now accommodate more new recipes. When you purchase a product “on sale,” the original price will be shown crossed out next to the sale price, so you can be sure of your savings. And the monthly sale page will now be more colorful. Marisolio’s events, sales and classes (when they resume) can all be seen on the Events page, either as a list or as a calendar entry. We think it will helpful for you to have all activities listed in one place so you can refer to them anytime you want. Use the sign-up box on the Home Page to get our newsletters and also any announcements about special sales and free shipping events.


Check our events page for more activities and special store hours during the holidays.

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