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About Our Oils

The Grade of our Olive Oil is determined by our use of natural chemistry.  Influencing our trees with fertile, non-enhanced soil and protecting their natural sources of nutrients separates our Olive Oils from everyone else.

Olives are defined as fruit.  There are dozens of varieties of olive trees throughout the world, each producing fruit that vary on acidity, aesthetic notes of pepper, nutty flavor, fresh grass hints and many more.  All oil produced by us and our partners is consistently tested for its balance of compounds and nutrients.

There is a lot of science dedicated to olives and the oil pressed from them.  For many reasons, olive oil is analyzed down to the complicated chemical compounds that someone with a Ph.D could only decipher.  As complicated as the analysis may be, the consensus about olive oil is the same: beside the pleasure of tasting and consuming olive oil, proven beneficial chemistry occurs to better one’s health.  Olive oil is truly something amazing to be a part of from beginning to finish!

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