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Velagosht Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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This early harvest high phenol Velagosht is the first of its kind in North America.  An extremely robust EVOO with sweet floral notes, unripe green almond, and baking spice, Velagosht or “The red olives of Berat” is an Albanian indigenous olive variety first found in the village of Velagosht in the outskirts of Berat, a 2400-year-old UNESCO world heritage city well known for its olives. We’ve worked very hard alongside our partner farm, Malasi Olive Oil who processed this oil to our exacting methods. Lingering pepper and balanced bitterness.

*Biophenols: 597.6                       *FFA: 0.16

*Oleic Acid: 78.69                       *Peroxide: 6.80

*DAGs:  95.6                              *PPP: <0.7

Country of origin: ALBANIA


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