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Shipping Charges

New current shipping and handling fees for

All of the Continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii

1 to 6 – 375ml’s – Medium Flat Rate=$20.00

1 to 6 – 200ml’s – Medium Flat Rate=$20.00

or a combination of:

1- 6 – 375ml’s or 1 to 6 – 200ml’s – Medium Flat Rate=$20.00

You can combine bottle sizes in a box. Six bottles fill a box.

NOTE: Unfortunately we have had to increase our shipping charges due to the USPS increase in their prices. We are currently shopping around for a less expensive shipping source. But for the time being, we have posted our new prices. Please keep in mind, shipping 1 to 6 bottles are the same price per box. So filling a box of 6 bottles is the better deal at this time. Thank you for your continued support.

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