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Shipping Charges

Eastern Rates

 East of Not Including Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico

These charges also apply for Alaska and Hawaii

1 to 6 – 375ml’s – Medium Flat Rate=$18.00

1 to 8 – 200ml’s – Medium Flat Rate=$18.00

or combination of:

4 – 375ml’s & 1 to 3 – 200ml’s – Medium Flat Rate=$18.00

Regional A Box

West of Regional Line

West of and Including Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico

1 – 375ml’s=$14.00

1-2 – 200ml’s=$14.00

Any A boxes East of the Regional lines = $18.00

West of Regional Line Only

 We do not ship B Boxes East of Regional Line

1 to 6 – 200ml’s only or 1 to 6 – 375ml’s only

 Or a combination of 3-4 – 375ml’s and 1-4 – 200ml’s =$14.00


NOTE: Due to increased shipping charges, we had no option but to increase ours as well. We want to thank all our wonderful online customers for your orders and support. Because you have been our lifeline through this most difficult time in history, we look forward to continuing to serve you with the best olive oils and balsamic’s from around the world. Good health to you all!

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