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The Bar

Marisolio Tasting Bar is located on Main Street, in Murphys, California. You will find our storefront across from the DEA Bathroom Machineries and the Historic Murphys Hotel.

We are a unique store where our customers have the opportunity to experience the finest award-winning 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, whole fruit and herb fused olive oils, and balsamic vinegar from select artisans around the world.

Quality & Flavor

Why Marisolio Products Are Special

Not all olive oils and balsamic vinegar condimentos are equal. Learn why our products keep people coming back for more.

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How We Started

From Dream to Reality

From High School Teacher to Rancher to Store Owner, Mary Schuster has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Marisolio Tasting Bar is the culmination of that dream.

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