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Quality & Flavor

Why Marisolio Products Are Special

All of our products have one thing in common: Passion.

We start with real ingredients.  Lemons, herbs, berries, and more are essential to our products.  Made with extreme care from the very beginning.

From our Tuscan Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our Spicy Serrano Honey Vinegar, we use all-natural ingredients.  We value food that is not simply wholesome or only fresh but food that is honest, traditional, flavorful and pure.

We stand by the quality of our products because we’re farmers, too.  We work to support other small farmers worldwide that deliver ingredients to our same standards.  Micro-farmers from Australia, Greece, Chile, Spain, and California exclusively provide their passionately cultivated produce to us.

It’s what we do from beginning to end that makes us different from any bulk-products from a wholesaler.  From the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains straight to you – we’re committed to the process of high quality ingredients.

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