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How We Started

From Dream to Reality

Established in January 2000, RANCHO MARISOL fulfilled the dream of owner Mary Lou Schuster, a retired Spanish teacher. The vision of owning an organic olive orchard was just the beginning.

The 43 acres RANCHO MARISOL in CopperopolisCalifornia (which she sold in early 2017)  boasted nearly 4,000 olive trees producing olive oil from four distinct olive varietals: Leccino and Frantoio, (Tuscan olives from northern Italy), Arbequina (Spanish olives), and Kalamata ( a popular Greek varietal).

Mary Lou began distributing her olive oil throughout Calaveras and Tuolumne counties and set up demonstration tables in local markets. Her high quality olive oilsArbequinaKalamata, and Los Padres (a blend of Frantoio and Lecciono) became immediate customer favorites.

In Spanish, los padres means “the parents” and it is this name she gave to her first olive oil blend in memory of her parents.

Spurred by her love of all things olive, came the idea of a retail olive oil store – thus, the genesis of Marisolio Tasting Bar, located on Main Street, MurphysCalifornia. The store features the freshest olive oils and vinegar available from around the world. Mary Lou, as stated above, sold her ranch in 2017,  to focus her energy on her flourishing olive oil/balsamic condimento store, which today is a popular destination for visitors to the Mother Lode area.

The tasting bar has close to 25 unique flavors of balsamic and wine vinegar. Everything else in the store is olive too!

Olio in Italian means oil. Mary Lou chose the name “Marisolio” with its definite Italian “ring”.

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